About Us

GTK Training is owned and run by Stephen Holmes.  Stephen has over 30 years’ experience in the training field.  This experience started back in the mid 1980’s when he was employed in the electricity industry as a trainer for operators of mobile plant, including cranes, elevated work platforms, forklifts, wood-chippers, borers and also as a driving instructor.

Since then he has worked in private enterprise as a trainer and also in the sale of cranes.  GTK Training was established in 2001.  Between the years 2008 and 2010 Stephen was employed by a national crane supply company to set up a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which he successfully did.  He is now back operating GTK Training.

Stephen’s experience in the crane industry and his involvement with the South Australian Crane Association and The Crane Industry Council of Australia has given him a very broad knowledge of the industry in which he works.


GTK Training delivers and develops training for a very broad range of industries and customers including:

  • The Electricity Industry
  • Telecom and Gas Industry
  • Fishing and other Marine Industries
  • Local Government
  • Military (Army and Navy)
  • Mining Industry
  • Transport Industry
  • The Crane Industry Council of Australia (National)
  • The South Australian Crane Association

If you would like example of what we have done, please contact us.


GTK Training is a member of The Crane Industry Council of Australia
South Australian Branch

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